Invisible Eyelid Tape

$26.40 $13.10


Invisible Eyelid Tape

$26.40 $13.10




The eyelid tapes are invisible one-side stickers, which can lift your eyelids quickly. Made of medical-use adhesive fiber, no glue, which is breathable, waterproof and invisible, Completely transparent. They are suitable for people of different colors. Hypoallergenic, it won’ t irritate your skin.

Easy to create natural and deep double eyelid, makes eyes more beautiful and eyes seem rounder and larger. Continuous use it makes your double eyelids permanent without surgery.

Not easy to fall off or affect the make-up, can enhance your eyes immediately, will give you a pair of charming eyes, especially perfect for hooded, droopy, uneven, or mono-eyelids.

Item: Invisible Eyelid Tape
Color: Transparent
Size: 24 mm x 3 mm (Slim) 25 mm x 4 mm (Wide)


1. Breathable, Invisible, Waterproof, Natural and comfortable.
2. Medical-use Fiber and Hypoallergenic.
3. Single side eyelid tape, do not impede the circulation of skin blood.
4. Enhance the beauty of your eyes, makes eyes seem rounder and larger.
5. Easy to create deep and natural double eyelid.
6. Highly recommendable especially to the customers who have hooded, droopy, uneven, or mono-eyelids.
7. 100% brand new and high quality.

How to Use

1. Before you use it, please make sure your eyelid clean, free of makeup, oil or any moisturizers
2. Gently remove the formed double eyelid tape stickers with a clip
3. According to your eye type and make-up mode, moderately adjust the direction
4. Remover, gently from the end of double eyelid stickers torn, then use lotion clean.

Package Includes

1 x 1056 pcs Invisible Eyelid Tape



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Slim and Wide


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