Portable Pet Water Dispenser


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Portable Pet Water Dispenser



Do you like taking out your pet for a walk but cannot carry their water dispenser around? Are you worried that outside water might not be safe for your pet?

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This Portable Pet Water Dispenser allows you to carry water for your pet to the park. It is convenient to use and does not waste any water.


• It is made from FOOD GRADE PLASTIC which is ANTIBACTERIAL and safe for use.
• Its HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL ensures its durability.
• A special WIDER SIZE IS AVAILABLE as well for bigger pets like a bulldog or a golden retriever.
• Its PORTABILITY IS UNPARALLELED as you can put it in your bag, hold it around your arm with a string or even put it in your pocket.
• Its silicone lining ensures that there is NO LEAKAGE.
• It is available in MULTIPLE COLOUR VARIANTS for you to match it with your pet’s other items.
• Once used, you can put the water back into the bottle easily so that there is NO WATER WASTAGE.




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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10.0 × 20.0 × 10.0 cm

blue, Pink





Package Includes

1 x Portable Pet Water Dispenser

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