Burst Sonic Electric Toothbrush


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Burst Sonic Electric Toothbrush



Do you use all kinds of smart appliances but still brush your teeth with the traditional toothbrush? Do you spend a lot of time from your morning regime into brushing your teeth but still do not see any results? Do you wish to whiten your teeth while making it easier to brush at the same time?

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This Burst Sonic Electric Toothbrush is sure to make your life simpler. It works better than not just the traditional toothbrush but also other electric toothbrushes available in the market. It can be connected to any of your mobile phones as it is a smart device itself. You can manage your brushing routine as well as give an extended massage to your gums all by controlling it with your mobile phone. It comes with a wireless charging base and once fully charged, can live up to 25 days without having to charge it again.


• It works on a MAGNETIC LEVITATION ACOUSTIC WAVE MOTOR which makes it really powerful.
• It can swing more than 37,200 TIMES PER MINUTE due to its unique technology.
• It is going to WHITEN AND BRIGHTEN YOUR TEETH in no time.
• Its BATTERY CAN LAST UP TO 25 DAYS with one charge which makes it convenient to use while traveling.
• It can be connected with both android and iOS mobile phones.
• It is WATERPROOF and can be cleaned easily.
• WIRELESS CHARGING makes it hassle-free and easy to use.


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Dimensions 22.0 × 13.0 × 2.0 cm

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Acoustic Wave

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1 x Burst Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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