Automatic Toothbrush



Automatic Toothbrush



Are you still using the tradition toothbrush? Does your toothbrush take a long time out of your morning regime? Are you never satisfied with your teeth’s whiteness? Is cleaning your toothbrush difficult?

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We introduce to you the new generation of automatic toothbrushes which help you whiten your teeth in just a matter of seconds. With this Automatic Toothbrush, you can brush and whiten your teeth simultaneously. It gives you 360° coverage as it fits your teeth perfectly. It comes with a wireless charging base to make your experience hassle-free. Just charge it once and you can use it up to 25 times when you travel. It even massages your gums and works on an automatic foaming technology which allows you to multitask.


• Ultrasound technology with blue light WHITENS YOUR TEETH.
• It has a 360° FULL RANGE that cleans every corner of your mouth.
• The U TYPE SILICA GEL BRUSH HEAD is antibacterial itself.
• It has a ONE-TOUCH CONTROL system which makes it super easy to use.
• It MASSAGES YOUR GUMS with its smart movement.
• Its COMPACT DESIGN makes it perfect for travel.
• The WIRELESS CHARGING BASE makes charging hassle-free.
• MULTIPLE COLOUR OPTIONS are available to suit your personal style.


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Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 25.0 × 15.0 × 15.0 cm







1 replacement head, 1 tooth tray, 60ml toothpaste, Black generation 1, Black generation 2, Blue generation 1, Blue generation 2, Pink generation 1, Pink generation 2, White generation 1, White generation 2



Package Includes

1x Automatic Toothbrush

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